Man pulled gun at Houston Popeyes over lack of chicken sandwiches
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Police say a man at a Popeye's in Houston pulled a gun after the fast-food restaurant ran out of chicken sandwiches, the Houston Chronicle reported Tuesday.  


Houston police Lt. Larry Crowson said officers were called to the location on Monday night after a group of people tried to order the sandwich, which has become a viral sensation in recent weeks.

"When the manager told them they were out, one of the males became upset and pulled a pistol and demanded a chicken sandwich,” Crowson said. "The manager again informed them they were out of sandwiches."

The group left without any conflict and no one was injured in the incident, Crowson told the outlet. Officers are reviewing surveillance footage to identify the suspect.


Popeye's released a highly-demanded crispy chicken sandwich earlier this month, fueling long lines and wait times and triggering an internet debate over what restaurant has the best fast-food chicken sandwiches.  

One North Carolina teenager used the long line as an opportunity to distribute voter registration documents and sample ballots.

Craig Barr of Tennessee filed a lawsuit against the chicken joint after it ran out of the menu item, alleging the company took part in “false advertising” and “deceptive business practices.”

He is reportedly seeking $5,000 in damages.