French court rules in favor of rooster put on trial for early morning crowing
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A French civil court on Thursday reportedly ruled in favor of a rooster named Maurice, who was put on trial by his neighbors for his early morning crowing.

A court in Rochefort in western France rejected Maurice’s neighbors’ noise pollution complaint and ordered them to pay about $1,100 in damages, CNN reports.


Maurice’s owner, Corrine Fesseau — who lives with her rooster in the village of Sant-Pierr-d’Oléron — told CNN that she is “relieved that we won this fight.”

“I hope that this will advance things in communes all over France — that this case will set a jurisprudence,” she told the outlet.

The neighbors, who reportedly live in the city and only come to the rural village a few times a year, first complained about Maurice’s crowing in 2017, asking Fesseau to keep her animal quiet, according to CNN. They made international headlines when they filed the court complaint in July.

Maurice did not attend the court proceedings, because Fesseau worried he might be disruptive, the outlet reports.

Fesseau later started an online petition to “save our rooster Maurice,” and it has since gained nearly 140,000 signatures.

The village’s mayor, Christophe Sueur, told CNN that the verdict was “common sense” and that “throughout the world, we are failing to accept differences.”