Disney announced Monday that it would be giving 6-year-old Jermaine Bell a free vacation to its Florida theme park after he used money he'd saved for a trip there to buy food for Hurricane Dorian evacuees.

Disney shared a two-minute video showing how employees surprised Jermaine at his Jacksonville home, giving him and his family an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World.

Jermaine's generosity went viral last week after he used his savings of more than a year to instead serve food he purchased to those evacuating from the coast of South Carolina while staying with his grandmother in Allendale.

He was saving the money to visit Disney World to celebrate his seventh birthday.


Jermaine bought hundreds of hot dogs, chips and water to feed more than 100 evacuees, all for free. He could also be seen at times holding up signs alerting the evacuees of the free food, as he had a station set up off the local highway.

"Be strong, and if you do good things, you will be rewarded," he said in the video.

He and his family will visit the Orlando parks at some point this month when Jermaine is not in school.