Bahamas brace for new tropical storm amid aid efforts after Dorian
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Officials in the Bahamas braced for the impact of a possible second storm striking the island Saturday even as the island chain deals with cleanup efforts after Hurricane Dorian.

The Associated Press reported that aid efforts in the country were temporarily suspended and several small airports were closed as officials eye the path of Tropical storm Humberto, which is sitting off the eastern Bahamian coast.


Worries about damage from a second storm come as 1,300 people remain unaccounted for in the country, according to the AP, and as the official death toll from Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall last week, sits at 50.

“Rains are the biggest issue right now,” one Bahamian member of parliament, Iram Lewis, told the AP. “People are still reeling from the first storm.”

“The weather system will slow down logistics,” added a spokesperson for the National Emergency Management Agency.

A spokesman for a local power company told the AP that necessary services were already in storm preparation mode as most aid groups attempted to secure and protect perishable goods from possible storm damage.

Whether Humberto will actually make landfall remains much less clear. The latest storm projection paths from the National Weather Service predict that Humberto will travel north, missing most of the Bahamas before drifting east into the Atlantic Ocean, missing the Eastern Seaboard.

Humberto is expected to grow into a Category 1 storm Saturday night before drifting east. Hurricane Dorian initially made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane but had lost much of its strength by the time it reached the U.S. mainland.