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India approves ban on e-cigarettes

India's government on Wednesday announced a ban on e-cigarettes, citing increased use among the country's younger citizens, according to The Associated Press.

"Its use has increased exponentially and has acquired epidemic proportions in developed countries, especially among youth and children," a government statement said, according to the AP.

The ban, which applies to manufacturing, import, export, transport, sale, distribution, storage and advertising, has already been approved by India's Cabinet, with a full ordinance soon to follow, according to the AP.

The law will punish first offenses with up to a year in prison and/or a fine of up to 100,000 rupees, with the punishment extended to up to three years and 500,000 rupees for later infractions.  

New York on Tuesday imposed a ban on flavored e-cigarettes, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) saying the products were targeting young people. Michigan has imposed a stricter ban, although it has not yet taken effect.