Colorado school shooting suspect says the other suspect made him do it

One suspect in a Colorado school shooting in May has reportedly asserted that the other suspect forced him to participate in the attack, in which one person was killed and eight others were wounded. 

Devon Erickson told authorities that Alec McKinney made him do it and had him guard the exit, CNN reported on Wednesday. Erickson said he only fired once and gave up the gun to three boys who rushed him, including Kendrick Ray Castillo, who died in the incident. 


Brendan Bialy, one of the boys who rushed Erickson, told investigators, however, that Erickson pointed guns at the heads of the three boys and did not give up his weapon voluntarily, CNN reported, citing Douglas County Sheriff lead investigator Brian Pereira.

Pereira reportedly said in court that four casings from Erickson's gun had been recovered. 

McKinney and Erickson are accused in the May shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch, which is about 14 miles from Denver. 

Authorities said that McKinney told Erickson of the plans in a Snapchat message and urged him to not go to school, according to the news outlet. 

"Please don't," Erickson allegedly replied.