Iowa teen faces terrorism charge after allegedly creating online job posting for 'school shooter'
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A 14-year old in Iowa is reportedly facing a terrorism charge after he allegedly created an online job posting asking for a “school shooter.”

Police in Fort Dodge, Iowa, became aware of an entry on — a popular website for job postings — that asked for a school shooter but was otherwise slim on details, the Des Moines Register reports.

In an attempt to gather information on the person who posted the entry, police tried to apply for the position but were not able to complete the application, local news station KCCI reports.

Authorities contacted Indeed about the “concerning” post and determined it had been public since Friday afternoon, the Register reports.


Their investigation led to the Fort Dodge teen, whose name was not made public due to his age and was only identified as a 14-year-old boy.

Police charged the teen with a felony charge of threat of terrorism, and officers obtained a search warrant at his home to search for potential evidence. He is now in custody at the Central Iowa Juvenile Detention facility.

"With student safety being of utmost importance, we always are working in collaboration with the Fort Dodge Community School District anytime a potential threat or concern is raised," police wrote in a release. "This incident was no different. Once information was gathered, we worked closely with the school staff to identify the individual involved and hold them accountable."