UK climate activists' plan to spray government building with fake blood goes awry after losing control of machine
© Getty Images

A group of British climate protesters’ plan to spray a government building with hundreds of gallons of fake blood reportedly hit a roadblock on Thursday after the activists lost control of the hose.

Standing on top of a decommissioned fire engine parked in front of the British Treasury, the group aimed to drench the structure to make a statement about the country’s messaging on climate change, The Washington Post reports.

But three seconds into executing their plot, protesters lost control of the hose, causing the 475 gallons of liquid colored by red food dye to end up on the street and the sidewalk.

Despite the failed plan, the members of Extinction Rebellion remained on the fire truck, which displayed a sign reading “STOP FUNDING CLIMATE DEATH” and waited for police to come and arrest them.


The protesters were later escorted away from the scene by authorities, and a Metropolitan Police spokesman told BBC News that three men and one woman were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

The incident comes amid renewed global movement in which environmental activists are calling on leaders to take action on climate change.