More than 20 soldiers injured during parachute training exercise
© 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division Facebook Page

More than 20 soldiers were injured, with some requiring hospitalization, after being blown off course during a parachute training exercise Wednesday night.

The incident occurred during a paratrooper training at Camp Shelby in Mississippi, Col. Bobby Ginn said during a press conference Thursday. He said 87 jumpers landed in trees next to the intended drop zone.


Ginn said 23 paratroopers were sent to Forrest General Hospital for treatment, and four remained at the hospital Thursday afternoon.

One soldier had to undergo surgery for a broken back but is “expected to recover well," according to a Facebook post from the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment.

All of the paratroopers were accounted for on Thursday. The camp “had a few jumpers remaining that were so high in the trees that they required significant recovery support,” according to the Facebook post.
“As I have said before, service as a paratrooper requires a level of toughness that most do not understand. Despite the difficulty of this training jump, the battalion performed well and will recover well to continue our training mission,” Lt. Colonel Matt Meyer shared on the battalion’s Facebook page.

“We have systems and professionals who are trained and ready to address situations like this,” he said.

The exercise included soldiers with the 4th Brigade Combat Infantry Division in Alaska, NBC News reported. It was part of a larger training exercise called “Arctic Anvil 2019,” Ginn said.
He added that the incident is under investigation.
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