German bank-robber gives 20-hour closing statement before his sentencing

A German man convicted of bank robbery gave a closing statement lasting 20 hours before his sentencing Monday, according to The Guardian.

Michael Jauernik, who robbed three banks between 2011 and this year, including shooting and critically injuring one bank employee, gave a rambling, extensive statement incorporating multiple stories about his own criminal career and quotations from Friedrich Schiller’s play “The Robbers,” The Guardian reported.


Jauernik was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison and “further preventive detention” for the robberies after the judge ended his closing statement early, saying she regretted not having stopped his repetitions and “excessive digressions.”

The judge expressed little hope that the sentence would rehabilitate Jauernik, who began robbing banks in the 1970s and was dubbed the “Thursday robber” after robbing a series of banks on Thursdays shortly before closing time.

“We are sure that you will still think it legitimate to rob banks and threaten people in 12 years’ time,” she said, according to the Guardian.

Jauernik, for his part, said he had recently retired from theft to get a job as a night porter but resumed his life of crime due to the “pitiful” pension payments he earned at a legitimate job. He defended his actions as only targeting corrupt financial institutions.

“I didn’t rob supermarkets or old women,” he told the court.

The unnamed judge countered that Jauernik had also victimized the rank-and-file employees of the banks he robbed, including the one he shot.

“You suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder, which was on display to everyone who followed the main trial,” she said in her verdict, according to the Guardian.