Kansas middle schooler charged with felony after pointing finger gun at classmates: report

A middle school student in Kansas was reportedly arrested on a felony charge after she formed her fingers into the shape of a gun and pointed it at her classmates.

The 12-year-old girl from Overland Park, nearly 15 miles away from Kansas City, pointed the gun gesture at four of her classmates at Westridge Middle School on Sept. 18 before turning it on herself, the Kansas City Star reported Wednesday.

An unnamed source told the Star that during a class discussion, a student asked the girl about who she would kill in the class if she could pick five individuals, prompting her to form the fake gun with her fingers and point it at the people she picked.


The girl was sent to the principal’s office, and a school resource officer recommended that she be arrested, according to the Star. Police later arrested and handcuffed her and charged her with a felony for threatening.

According to the Johnson County District Court, the girl “unlawfully and feloniously communicated a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lock down or disruption in regular, ongoing activities,” the Star reports.

She has since been released but is reportedly set to appear for a hearing in the Juvenile Division of the District Court of Johnson County on Tuesday.