NASA moves up first all-female spacewalk to this week

NASA has pushed its planned first all-female spacewalk up at least three days, after a power system failure at the International Space Station, according to The Associated Press.

Under the revised schedule, astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch will conduct the spacewalk Thursday or Friday to deal with the problem, rather than Monday as originally planned, according to the AP.

The power failure involved a critical battery power controller, which the astronauts will now replace entirely rather than installing new batteries as first planned.


The batteries include a component that regulates the charge going in and out of them, one of which did not kick in last Friday night, according to the AP. The lab itself and its six occupants are safe and the need to replace the battery will not affect its scientific operations.

NASA scheduled its first all-woman spacewalk last spring, but had to reschedule due to a shortage of medium-sized space suits, according to the AP.

“Very good that we have 4 expert spacewalkers on board to shoulder this tough task. They are the A-team!” tweeted Anne McClain, who was originally scheduled to spacewalk with Koch in March before the suit-sizing issue.