Waitress says she was fired for refusing to serve couple that insulted transgender customer
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A Wisconsin woman says she was fired from her job as a waitress because she refused to serve guests who were making transphobic comments.

Brittany Spencer said she was working as a waitress at Fat Joe’s Bar & Grill in Fond du Lac, Wis., Saturday when a couple she was serving began making disparaging comments about a transgender woman who was a regular at the restaurant and was sitting at the bar, a local NBC affiliate reported.

"They were asking me if I thought it was disgusting and wrong and why we would let someone like that into the establishment," Spencer, who had worked there for a few months, said. "To which I answered, no, I do not agree with that, and I walked away."


Spencer said she asked her manager if another server could help the table because she felt uncomfortable. 

"[My manager] essentially told me to suck it up or go home," Spencer told the affiliate. "To which I said, OK. I will leave."

Tad Wallender, one of the owners of Fat Joe’s, told The Hill that Spencer "was sent home after abrasively yelling at a manager and refusing to serve a table." He denied that she mentioned the transphobic comments to a manager.

"She was sent home after abrasively yelling at a manager and refusing to serve a table. That same night she made remarks on her facebook page regarding my business and then we let go the next morning. She never mentioned anything about transphobic comments to the manager on the night she refused to serve the table. Likewise she never made an attempt to defend any customers, her action was to just walk away," Wallender said.

Spencer had continued to criticize the restaurant Sunday, posting on her Facebook page that “I’ll always choose my morals over money. See ya,” encouraging her Facebook friends to leave a negative review on the company’s Facebook page.

“If anybody sees hate or hears things like this, then they should say something because, in my opinion, ignoring it is no better than saying it yourself,” Spencer said.

Spencer is filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, according to the NBC affiliate.

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