School security guard says he was fired for repeating racial slur student used
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A black security guard at a Wisconsin high school has filed a grievance after he says he was fired for repeating a racial slur a student called him in order to tell the student not to use the word, according to Madison365.

Marlon Anderson said in a Facebook post that he was fired from Madison West High School Wednesday afternoon after a student, who Anderson said was also black, called him the n-word the previous week and Anderson responded “don’t call me” the slur.


Anderson, who has worked for the school district for 11 years, said that last Friday, Principal Karen Boran called him into the office and said the school had a zero-tolerance policy for use of racial slurs by staff in any context. He was fired Wednesday afternoon following a hearing with the district Monday evening.

“I’m writing to inform you of a serious incident that occurred at West High School last week. The incident involves a staff member using a racial slur with students. We have investigated the incident, and the staff member will not return to West,” Boran said in an email to parents Wednesday.

“We have been clear in our expectations,” interim superintendent Jane Belmore said in a statement, according to the news outlet.

“Regardless of context or circumstance, racial slurs are not acceptable in our schools. It is a standard we will continue to hold for professional conduct. This expectation has been shared several times through communication and professional development. It has been applied consistently and will continue to be applied consistently,” she added.

Anderson told the news outlet he has frequently admonished black students not to use the word and that the administration has backed him in every other case. On Thursday, he filed a grievance appealing his firing, according to Students told News3Now they are planning a walkout in support of Anderson on Friday.

The Hill has reached out to the school for comment.