Kate Upton defends weighing in on World Series call: 'Feels like the 1950s'
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Supermodel Kate Upton slammed critics who called out her tweet weighing in on a controversial call in Game 6 of the World Series.

Upton tweeted just after midnight Wednesday, "I LOVE talking about sports and reading all of the dumb misogynist comments. It reminds me that women need to keep fighting for equality. It’s 2019 but feels like the 1950s. #feminist."

Upton, who's married to Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, shared a photo of Minute Maid Park in Houston, where the Washington Nationals faced off against the Astros on Tuesday night.


A contentious moment in the game arose after the Nationals' Trea Turner was called out for interference at first base.

While the umpires reviewed the call, Upton tweeted her opinion about it, writing, "He wasn’t within the base path. Those who don’t know the rule you HAVE to run inside the 2 lines. Not sure why the review is taking so long."

The umpires ultimately upheld the ruling.

But many Twitter users disagreed with Upton, with her tweet garnering more than 3,000 responses. People told her to “stick to modeling” and accused her of having “no clue” about the rules of the game, among other lewd comments.

Those replies appeared to prompt Upton’s Wednesday tweet, in which she alleged that the online backlash was “dumb" and misogynistic.

But Upton wasn’t alone in expressing her opinion on the call. Players and fans also took to social media to weigh in and joke about one of the game’s most intense moments.