A Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Naperville, Ill., has reportedly fired several employees that were involved in an alleged racist incident after a group of people said they were asked to move at the restaurant because a customer didn’t “want black people sitting near him.”

According to a local ABC station, the restaurant recently fired several employees who were involved in the alleged incident last month.


A spokesperson for the chain said the company took “this incident very seriously and after conducting a thorough, internal investigation have terminated the employees involved.” 

"Buffalo Wild Wings values an inclusive environment and has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind,” the person added.

The firing stems from an alleged incident on Oct. 26, in which a group of family and friends, the majority of whom are black, said they visited the local restaurant for a birthday celebration. 

Justin Vahl told the Naperville Sun that he and his friends were asked to change seats because of their race after a worker told him that a customer didn’t “want black people sitting near him.” 

After Vahl said he and his party refused, he told the paper a manager then asked his group to move because another group had reservations for their space. According to the Naperville Sun, a worker later said the restaurant doesn’t book reservations.

Vahl said he and his party left the restaurant shortly after the incident.

His story gained widespread attention after his wife, Mary, posted about the experience on social media a day later. The post, which also features a photo of the customer who allegedly made the request, who appears to be a white man, has racked up thousands of shares and comments.

In the post, Mary Vahl writes: “If you don’t want to sit next to certain people in a public restaurant then you should probably eat dinner in the comfort of your own home."

"A moment to hangout with a group of friends after a birthday party, turned into a discussion with our young impressionable sons about how we didn’t get kicked out, but willingly CHOSE to leave because of the unfair treatment we were being given," she continued.

“This Buffalo Wild Wings location has lost our business indefinitely,” she added.