George Washington University leaders, students condemn anti-Semitic Snapchat video
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George Washington University officials and students are condemning an anti-Semitic video shared on Snapchat. 

In a seven-second video, a male student asks “What are we going to do to Israel?” A female student replies, “We’re gonna [expletive] bomb Israel, bro.” A video graphic says, “Hot Girl Rosh Hashanah.”

Students contacted university officials about the video last Sunday, GWU spokeswoman Crystal Nosal told the Washington Post. Campus police were immediately alerted, and local Washington, D.C. police and federal law enforcement have also reportedly been involved. 


Nosal said there is not currently a “credible threat” to students or others on GWU’s campus.

GWU’s student newspaper, the Hatchet, first reported on the incident Wednesday. The newspaper did not identify the woman in the video, but she apologized and said she regrets her comments.

The Anti-Defamation League issued a statement Thursday saying that the video “advocates for indiscriminate violence against Israel and Jews,” the Washington Post reported. Doron Ezickson, director of the Jewish rights group’s D.C. office, told the newspaper that there has been an uptick in in anti-Semitic incidents on campuses in Washington and across the country.

GWU President Thomas LeBlanc called the video “disturbing and hateful,” in a Wednesday statement.

“Comments from a GW student posted on social media are disturbing and hateful, and they are antithetical to our university’s core values of diversity and respect. We will not tolerate anti-Semitism or any form of bigotry on our campuses,” LeBlanc said.

GW for Israel, an on-campus advocacy group for students, also condemned the video in a statement posted to Facebook.

“The blatant display of anti-Semitism and incitement of violence is unacceptable and has no place at The George Washington University or anywhere else,” said students from GW for Israel, a political advocacy group. “We urge the university to take sufficient action to ensure that incidents like this are not repeated and that the individuals responsible are held accountable.”