Dunkin' swapping foam cups for paper, ending the 'double cup'
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Dunkin’ will end the use of both foam cups and the nested “double cup,” the coffee chain announced, according to CNN Business.


The practice of placing an iced drink inside a second foam cup began in New England and remains most common there, but by the end of November, the chain will swap out all foam cups for paper, according to Dunkin’.

A new ad campaign in Massachusetts and Rhode Island aims to inform customers the “double cup is breaking up,” marketing its iced drinks after the transition as “iced, delicious and single.”

The company plans to phase out foam cups worldwide next year, according to the network, with the transition complete by April.

The phase-out comes as multiple states have issued bans on foam packaging, including Maine and Maryland. The company says the new cups are certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard. Most of the chain's 3,400 locations outside the U.S. have already made the switch.