Mattel offering 'nonpartisan' UNO deck with no red and blue cards for Thanksgiving
© Mattel

Mattel is releasing a limited-edition UNO deck in time for the holiday season, removing the red and blue cards for a 'nonpartisan' version of the popular card game.

The new version removes the red and blue cards because they could be seen as politically partisan.


"No red or blue cards means no taking sides!” reads a message on the new pack of cards featured on Mattel's website.

And a new veto card included in the deck skips a player’s next turn and makes them change the subject if they bring up politics.

The red and blue cards in the traditional UNO deck have instead been replaced with politically neutral colors orange and purple. All other UNO cards, including skips, reverses, wilds and draw fours are included in the nonpartisan version.

Additionally, the new packaging is purple, replacing the popular game’s red labeling.

Mattel’s page advertising the game reminds players to say UNO “before you reach across the aisle and play your last card!”