John Dean, the former White House counsel to President Nixon,  on Monday mocked an assertion by President TrumpDonald John TrumpRouhani says Iran will never seek nuclear weapons Trump downplays seriousness of injuries in Iran attack after US soldiers treated for concussions Trump says Bloomberg is 'wasting his money' on 2020 campaign MORE's lawyer of having an "insurance" policy against Trump, calling it evidence of Trump's inner circle working as a "Mafia" crime family.


Dean tweeted Monday that Rudy GiulianiRudy GiulianiSenate rejects subpoenaing Mulvaney to testify in impeachment trial GOP rejects effort to compel documents on delayed Ukraine aid Citizens United put out a welcome mat for Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman MORE's reference to possible compromising information related to Trump amounted to blackmail of the president of the United States.

"So Rudy owns The Donald. Blackmailing the President of the United States on Fox News is fitting! Does America really want a POTUS owned by Rudy Giuliani. Wonder if Rudy has a guaranteed pardon if Lev or Igor turn on him in the SDNY? Trump’s presidency is like a Mafia soap opera!" Dean wrote.


Giuliani's comments about an "insurance" policy came during an interview with Fox News's Ed Henry, during which the former New York City mayor said it would be "ridiculous" to imagine Trump throwing him under the bus.

"I’ve seen things written like he’s going to throw me under the bus. When they say that, I say he isn’t, but I have insurance," Giuliani said Saturday.

"This is ridiculous," Giuliani continued at the time. "We are very good friends. He knows what I did was in order to defend him, not to dig up dirt on [former Vice President Joe] Biden."

The former mayor previously made similar comments during an interview with The Guardian, though at the time his lawyer jumped in to assure the interviewer that Giuliani was "joking."

"I do have very, very good insurance, so if he does, all my hospital bills will be paid," Giuliani said earlier this month.