Four dead after Florida police chase, shootout

Four people were reportedly killed after a police chase and subsequent shootout on a busy street in Florida on Thursday afternoon. 

Following a robbery in Coral Gables, Fla., the robbers hijacked a UPS truck and kidnapped a driver, and were later pursued by police, FBI special agent George Piro told reporters

The suspects and law enforcement exchanged fire in Miramar, Fla., and the suspects as well as the driver and a bystander were killed, Piro said. 


He declined to say whether it was possible that the driver or bystander were hit by police fire

“It would be inappropriate to discuss that,” he said.  “We have just begun to process the crime scene. It’s going to be a very complicated crime scene.”

Miramar police tweeted that there was an officer-involved shooting with "multiple fatalities" and later added that there were no law enforcement fatalities

Piro also said the two suspects had initially robbed a jewelry store.

A woman at the store was shot in the head and was brought to the hospital in stable condition, Local 10 reported.