NBA teams to participate in prison basketball games as part of social justice campaign
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The Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings will be the first teams to participate in the NBA’s “Represent Justice” campaign, with both hosting games at local prisons.

As part of the league’s initiative, players from NBA teams will serve as honorary captains during an hour-long basketball game with league alumni, coaches and incarcerated individuals.

While no active NBA players are expected to play in the games, those involved say it will serve to facilitate conversations with NBA players and coaches, incarcerated people and members of the campaign.


"The REPRESENT JUSTICE Campaign organized the Play for Justice initiative to advance the goals of uplifting narratives of hope and redemption, in order to break down stigmas associated with individuals — disproportionately people of color and the poor — who are impacted by the criminal justice system," the Kings said in a statement announcing the team's role in the campaign.

The Kings hosted the first game as part of the initiative Thursday night at Folsom State Prison in Northern California, according to The Undefeated.

The Bucks will host an event this month in Wisconsin before the two teams put on an event together in Milwaukee on Feb. 10.

Several additional NBA and WNBA teams are expected to participate in the initiative in the coming months, with their announcements coming later this month and in the beginning of next year.