The wife of a Chattooga County, Georgia, commissioner has been arrested after dumping a soda on a reporter’s head at a Friday meeting, according to The Washington Post.

Abbey Winters dumped the drink on AllOnGeorgia reporter Casie Bryant’s head before the meeting could begin, after which she reportedly said “You deserve that,” according to the Post, citing witnesses and the police report. She has been charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct.


Bryant stood up and left the room without a word following the incident.

Winters claimed the incident was an accident, according to the police report. Her husband, Chattooga County Sole Commissioner Jason Winters, said the same but said Bryant “deserved what happened to her.”

“What happened at the budget meeting [Friday] was completely inappropriate, and I’m disappointed to see not only the behavior of those involved, but the excuses made for the behavior after the fact,” Delvis Dutton, owner of AllOnGeorgia, said in a statement to the news outlet on Friday.

“The media plays an integral role in ensuring transparency, and these types of antics are dangerous to open government and a disservice to the people it serves,” Dutton added.

The night before the meeting, Bryant had written of Winters, “Fresh off his trip to Paris, he’s ready to talk about the budget to the PUBLIC” in a Facebook post. The post itself made no suggestion of impropriety in Winters’s trip to France, but a comment by another user stated “[a]fter all he has NOT done for our county I find it ridiculous that he can afford fancy trips.”

Bryant made no mention of the trip at the meeting, but in the video, a woman can be heard saying “She brought it on herself,” with another woman responding “nobody brings that on themselves” and a third responds “By saying that he went to France?”

After turning herself into the county jail, Winters was released on $1,520 property bond.

The Hill has reached out to Jason Winters’s office for comment.