Missouri professor charged with trying to solicit student using Arby's card
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A Missouri professor and church leader has been charged with trying to solicit a student online with an Arby’s gift card, news reports said Wednesday. 

Barry Poyner, 57, from Kirksville, Mo. was charged with patronizing prostitution after offering gas money and an Arby’s gift card in exchange for sex with an undercover police officer posing as an 18-year-old on Grindr, NBC News reported.

Truman University police received a tip that Poyner, a professor of communications, was “harassing” male students and “offering to pay for items for sexual favors,” according to court documents obtained by the Kirksville Daily Express. Poyner reportedly was using the dating app Grindr to contact male students.


After creating an account, the undercover officer was contacted by Poyner, who used the account name “DILF” and offered a “sugar daddy relationship,” according to the local newspaper. He said he would give gift cards, clothing and money as he had in other relationships.

Poyner offered to refuel the officer’s car in exchange for sex on Dec. 3, adding that he “might throw in an Arby’s card LOL.” When the officer approached him at the gas station, Poyner reportedly fled before being pulled over, the Daily Express reported.

In a statement to The Hill, the university said Poyner was on suspension and “informed that he is not allowed on campus, cannot have contact with any student organizations or participate in any campus events or activities.” The university also said it is cooperating with law enforcement during the investigation.

The professor has been at the university for almost 30 years and was listed as a church elder at the Kirksville Church of Christ, NBC News and the Daily Express reported. He will head to court on Jan. 8 to face the misdemeanor charge.

The Hill reached out to Poyner and the church for comment.

--This report was updated on Dec. 19 at 9:43 a.m.