US astronaut sets women's record for longest time in space
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NASA astronaut Christina Koch on Saturday set a new record for a woman’s longest time in space. 

Koch has been in space for 289 days and is expected to spend 328 consecutive days in orbit before she returns to Earth, CBS News reports. 

Koch told CBS her hope is that the record is “exceeded again as soon as possible.” 


“Because that means that we're continuing to push the boundaries,” she said.

Koch surpassed a record previously held by Peggy Whitson. 

“Peggy in particular is one of my heroines and she’s been a great mentor to me,” Koch told CNN. “So it’s a great reminder to try to make her proud and also to do mentorship when I get home to sort of pay that forward.” 

Koch said she views the record less about “how many days you’re up here,” and more “what you bring each day.” 

She said it's "another great reminder to just bring your best."

Koch also said the trip is helpful for science to see another aspect of how the human body is affected by microgravity “for the long term,” which she said is important for future flight plans to go to the moon and Mars.