'Affluenza' case defendant arrested in Texas after testing positive for THC
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A man who was given 10 years of probation as a teen, using “affluenza” as a defense after a deadly drunk driving case, was arrested Thursday in Texas and is accused of violating his probation, according to multiple reports. 

The man, 22-year-old Ethan Couch, was booked into a jail in Fort Worth after he tested positive for THC, The Associated Press reported Thursday citing court records. 

Couch’s attorneys told the AP their client has been intensely monitored for alcohol and illegal substance use for more than 20 months and “has never been positive for the use of any substance before.” 


“We cannot make any further statement until we have the opportunity to conduct an investigation to determine if, in fact, Ethan ingested THC and, if so, if it was a voluntary act on his part,” Brown and Wynn said in a statement to the AP. 

Couch was sentenced to 10 years of probation during a manslaughter trial for a 2013 crash. A psychologist told a juvenile court at the time that Couch, then 16, had been affected by “affluenza,” raised by wealthy, privileged parents who did not set limits for him, according to CNN

He was later jailed after he attended a party where alcohol was served and tried to flee to Mexico with his mother, according to AP. He was released in 2018 after a nearly two-year sentence. 

In the 2013 crash, Couch hit a crowd of people helping the driver of a disabled vehicle on the side of the road. He fatally injured the stranded motorist, a youth minister who stopped to help and the mother and daughter who came out of their home nearby, according to AP. 

Three hours after the crash, tests showed Couch had a blood alcohol content of 0.24, which is  three times the legal limit, CNN reports, citing the district attorney’s office.