5 dead, dozens hurt in crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike
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A stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was shut down for several hours early Sunday after a crash involving several vehicles, including a passenger bus, killed at least five and injured dozens of others, according to The Associated Press.

At least 60 people between the ages of seven and 52 were hospitalized following the crash, which occurred about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh at approximately 3:40 a.m., according to the AP. Twenty-five victims, nine of whom were under the age of 18, were taken to Excela Frick Hospital in Mt. Pleasant.

The Pennsylvania State Police said the crash was the result of the bus hitting an embankment on a downhill curve, which sparked a chain reaction encompassing three tractor trailers and several other passenger vehicles, according to spokeswoman Cpl. Holly Reber-Billings.

The bus service in question, Ohio Coach, runs express buses between New York City, Ohio and Kentucky, according to the AP. Carl DeFebo, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Turnpike, said it was too early to determine if weather conditions contributed to the collision, but National Weather Service data for Westmoreland County in the early hours of Sunday morning indicated light precipitation and temperatures slightly below freezing, according to the news service.