NH police chief literally strips down after being stripped of title during meeting, walks into snowstorm
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A New Hampshire town police chief on Tuesday disrobed to his underwear after being stripped of his title at a meeting and walked out into a snowstorm.

Former Police Chief Richard Lee said Croydon, N.H.’s board of selectmen told him he needed to turn in his uniform and vehicle “immediately” after it voted to dissolve the one-man police department, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported.  

“I was told that I had to turn over the keys to the cruiser and my uniform immediately. I had no other means of transportation, as the cruiser is a take-home vehicle, and I have no spare clothes in the office, so I did as ordered,” Lee told the Union Leader Wednesday.


The former police chief told the news outlet he walked about three-quarters of a mile in the snowstorm in his boots, a hat and his underwear before his wife picked him up. 

Lee served as the only officer and the prosecutor for the town of 700 residents, so it is unclear how criminal cases will be handled without him. He was employed by the town for 20 years, according to the newspaper.

Now, state police — who already patrol the town when Lee is off duty — will be the sole law enforcement in the area.

Select board chair Russell Edwards told the Union Leader that the decision was based on finances, saying: “We didn’t feel we were getting the value for our money.”

Lee’s dismissal followed the board’s controversy last year when it proposed dissolving the police department and signing a $55,000 contract with the Newport Police Department when Lee’s department cost $40,000 at that time. The proposal resulted in two members of the board resigning and a town vote, which reversed the proposal, according to the Union Leader.

The Hill reached out to the board for comment.