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Girl Scout troops out hundreds of dollars after scammers use counterfeit cash to buy cookies

Girl Scout troops in Florida have reportedly lost hundreds of dollars after they were given counterfeit money during their annual cookie sales.

Local news affiliate Fox 9 reported that several troops in Manatee County, Fla., are out a combined total of $650 so far as they have worked to examine bills they recently received, and expect that number to rise as they turn profits in to their banks in the coming days.

Parents of Girl Scouts involved in the sale say they remember individuals asking their children to make change for bills as large as $50 for just one box of cookies, incidents they say should have raised their suspicions with the benefit of hindsight.

"As a mom, I went through the emotions. I was really angry at first, and then I got really sad that somebody - especially an adult - would give my child, a 7-year-old, counterfeit money," one woman who remained anonymous told Fox 9.

"I've worked for Girl Scouts for 16 years and I've seen maybe one occasion in each cookie season," a local Scout leader told the news channel. "But this feels like this is a target. It feels like someone who's out to steal money versus someone who needs money."