Missouri zoo closed during coronavirus outbreak, asks public to write letters to animals

A Missouri zoo has asked the public to write letters to its animals during its closure due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Mo., put out the call for kids and adults to pen notes to the zoo's inhabitants, which will be shared with the animal recipients in Facebook videos.

Joey Powell, the zoo’s spokeswoman, put out the call on social media.


“Maybe share what you're learning from home or what you have learned about a particular animal or country,” a post reads. “Let’s stay together while apart.”

The first piece of fan mail from a child named Laney was read aloud to the golden lion tamarins at the zoo.

“I love your gold skin. You look like a cute orange fluff ball. I like how you look like a lion and how having twins is common. I have a twin sister,” the letter read. “You always brighten my day. Your friend, Laney.”

Powell was then able to give a quick lesson about the species, native to South America, and the two golden lion tamarins named Rio and Bianca at the zoo.

“We’re doing our best to bring the zoo to you,” Powell said in a video.

Dickerson Park Zoo is closed through at least April 1 because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

There have been at least 183 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state as of Tuesday, according to the Missouri Department of Health.