Nearly 9 in 10 Americans confident country will survive coronavirus pandemic: poll
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Almost 9 in 10 Americans say they are confident the country will get through the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The Grinnell College National Poll survey found 88 percent of responders agreed with the statement “Americans will get through this” when asked about their state of mind. This question had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. 

A total of 70 percent of people said they are willing to shelter in place as long as is asked of them, at a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.


The poll was completed in partnership with J. Ann Selzer of Selzer & Co., who said in a statement her three words “on coronavirus are confident, calm, and compliant.”

“Yes, some people are feeling stressed, angry, and scared a lot of the time, but more say they feel calm a lot of the time, and a huge majority feel confident the nation will get through this and be OK,” she said. “There is willingness to change behavior for the benefit of the community.”

Fifty-five percent of Republicans are more concerned about the economic long-term risk to the country than they are to the impact to the health care system, a position with which 25 percent of Democrats agree. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats worry about the effects on the health care system more, compared to 38 percent of Republicans. The margin of error for this question was 3.1 percentage points. 

The pandemic’s economic impact is affecting those under 35 years old the most. The age group is more likely to say they have or expect to be laid off or furloughed, at 45 percent, to lose wages, at 57 percent, and to be unable to pay a regular bill, at 43 percent. The margin of error for the age group specifically was 7 percentage points.

The poll surveyed 1,009 adults, 777 of which are likely 2020 voters, from March 27 to 30.