A woman who was arrested in Idaho on trespassing charges after protesting the state's stay-at-home order by taking her children to a closed playground apologized on Friday.

In a statement delivered at a press conference in front of the Meridian Police Department, Sara Brady apologized for her behavior caught on now-viral video and said it was never her intent to involve the police, according to CBS affiliate KBOI.

"I never thought a knee-jerk comment made to you out of frustration, by me wanting my kids to play at a park, would create such a divide amongst our friends, family, community, the state of Idaho, our nation and the world," Brady said. "A divide that seems impossible for me to mend."


"While I disagree with the current restrictions being put in place that are restricting our freedoms ... I never intended or thought me going to the park on a sunny day with my kids would evolve to the point that it would involve the Meridian Police Department, your fellow officers, you, or your family," she added.

Video of the incident showed Brady being led away in handcuffs after she and a group of fellow activists took their children to a closed playground in Meridian's Kleiner Park for a peaceful protest of the state's stay-at-home order and ban on public gatherings. News reports indicated that protests erupted outside both Brady's and the arresting officer's houses following her arrest.