Police say man brandishing bow and arrow at Salt Lake City protest is being screened for charges
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Police in Salt Lake City said on Saturday that they intend to screen charges against a man captured in footage pointing a hunting bow at protesters during a local demonstration over the weekend.

Local police told NBC News on early Sunday that they have “identified the subject in the video and will be screening charges on him for his part in the unrest.”

“We are aware of the incident because of the video that was shared with us and that will be part of the evidence,” they added.


In footage of the moment referenced by the network, a man could be seen appearing to load an arrow into a hunting bow while standing in the middle of the street on Saturday.

“Look at this. You call yourself an American?” a woman off-screen asks the man. 

“Yes, I’m American,” he shouts back. “All lives matter.”

“That’s right, but they won’t matter until – don’t you dare,” the woman goes on to say right as the man appears to starts pointing the bow and arrow at others off-screen.

Moments after, another man could be seen appearing to seize the bow from the man before a group of protesters gather around him.

According to the Deseret News, thousands of protesters turned out in Salt Lake City on Saturday to demonstrate against police brutality after the recent killing of George Floyd.

The protests come as similar demonstrations over Floyd's death have broken out across the country in recent days.