A white lawyer in Shorewood, Wis., has been arrested and is facing charges after she was seen in now-viral footage spitting on a black student at a local protest over the weekend, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. 

Stephanie Rapkin, 64, was taken into police custody on Saturday and could be charged with battery and disorderly conduct after she was seen on video spitting on a black high school student, Eric Patrick Lucas III, 17, at a protest on Saturday, according to the newspaper.

The demonstration against racism was reportedly organized in part by Lucas and comes as a number of similar protests have taken place across the nation and around the world over the past two weeks following the police killing of George Floyd. 


According to the newspaper, Rapkin had parked her car on a street earlier on Saturday in an effort to impede the local demonstration. 

In footage that appeared to be taken afterward, protesters can be seen walking toward Rapkin, repeatedly telling her to move the car. Moments later, Rapkin, who had also been seen yelling at the protesters, can be seen spitting on Lucas. 

Shortly after, protesters separate the two, with a group pulling Lucas away. Another protester, a white man, is also seen flipping off Rapkin as others appear to try to urge her to leave before the clip ends seconds later.

The video has drawn more the 460,000 views since it was first uploaded to Facebook on Saturday. 

Lucas told the local paper on Monday that he is still “mentally and physically shaken” after the ordeal. 

"To be assaulted by an adult in my own community during a pandemic was traumatic," he continued. "Again and again, I am viewed not as a child but as a color."

Since Rankin’s arrest, people in the local community have reportedly called for the lawyer’s disbarment. Some leaders have also called for Rapkin to be charged with a hate crime after the incident.

According to the paper, the lawyer is also coming under scrutiny for another video that emerged a day after the protest incident of her interaction with another local student. 

In the video, which has racked up more than 50,000 views on Facebook since it was first uploaded on Sunday, the college student, Joe Friedman, is heard confronting Rapkin about the spitting incident on video outside her home.

“You spit on a 17-year-old kid,” Friedman says.

“I spit on a man who attacked me,” Rapkin responds. Lucas was not seen physically touching Rapkin in the viral video from the day before.


"He did not attack you. How did he attack you?" Friedman asks.

Seconds later, Rapkin is seen appearing to approach Friedman off-screen, reportedly shoving him, saying, “When somebody comes up to you like this.”

“What are you doing?” Friedman asks. “What the hell are you doing? Are you insane?”

“I am explaining how it happened,” Rapkin said.

"You just put your hands on me," Friedman later says. "That is assault right there. Wow, I just got that on video, ma'am."

According to the newspaper, Rapkin was eventually arrested a second time on Sunday following the latter incident.