NBA players' union says 5% of players have tested positive for coronavirus

Five percent of NBA players who were tested for COVID-19 came back with positive results, the NBA players' union said Friday.

The league conducted a round of testing on Tuesday, revealing 16 of 302 players were positive for the virus, leading the total number of reported NBA cases since the outbreak began in March to 26 players, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Officials said the results were not alarming to the league, as rising case numbers spike across the country and in Orlando, Fla., where the NBA is set to resume its season next month in a quarantine bubble at Disney World.


Orange County, where Orlando is located, reported nearly 1,062 cases of the virus Thursday, whereas the rest of the state saw a record climb just shy of 9,000 additional cases Friday, according to a local affiliate News 6.

The NBA has set aside over two weeks of frequent virus testing to understand the prevalence of the illness and limit the spread as much as possible before teams head out to Florida.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the number of infections is roughly what the league was expecting, adding that none of the infected players exhibited symptoms of serious illness. 

Michele Roberts, the executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, said any reported cases were a cause for concern. Still, she was relieved to see a lower than expected number.

The league also reportedly tested players for antibodies Tuesday. However, the league and the union opted not to disclose the results, which would have suggested a percentage of the league that has already had the virus.

Teams are slated to begin moving into Walt Disney World's secure campus on July 7 for a season starting on July 30, but any players who tested positive will have to wait out the remainder of their quarantine.