Queen Elizabeth knights man who raised millions for health workers amid coronavirus
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In her first public appearance since March, Queen Elizabeth II on Friday knighted a 100-year-old man who raised millions for health care workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Moore, a World War II veteran, set a challenge to complete 100 laps of his garden by his 100th birthday in April. He raised more than $40 million in donations for Britain’s National Health Service after his family raised awareness through Twitter.

"Thank you so much, an amazing amount of money you raised," the queen told him on Friday, according to the BBC.


He was nominated to be knighted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the BBC reported.

"The money is very useful, but you've only one Queen and when you get a message from the Queen there's no value that can be placed on that," Moore told the BBC.

He tweeted that he was "overwhelmed with pride and joy."

The knighting ceremony was held outdoors at Windsor Castle in order to maintain social distancing requirements amid the coronavirus pandemic. The two did not wear masks for the ceremony.

The queen, who is 94, has not met another member of the public since March 19, according to The New York Times. The majority of other royal events have been postponed due to the virus.