Ex-Spanish king leaving Spain amid investigation
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Former Spanish king Juan Carlos, the subject of an ongoing corruption investigation, will leave the country, the Spanish royal family announced Monday.

The former king, who abdicated the throne in 2014, announced his departure from Spain in a letter to his son, King Felipe.

“[I]n the face of the public repercussion that certain past events in my private life are causing, I wish to express to you my absolute availability to contribute to facilitating the exercise of your functions, from the tranquility and calmness that your high responsibility requires,” the letter states. “My legacy, and my own dignity as a person, demand it of me.”


“This is a very emotional decision, but one I take with great serenity,” added Juan Carlos, who took office in 1975 after the death of fascist dictator Francisco Franco. “I have been king of Spain for almost 40 years and throughout them all I have always wanted what is best for Spain and the crown.”

The former king did not specify where he planned to move. He stepped down six years ago amid a series of scandals, including one involving an elephant-hunting safari in Botswana and embezzlement allegations involving his daughter.

Juan Carlos is currently under investigation over allegations of concealing rail contract funds in Swiss bank accounts. Juan Carlos is reportedly set to receive millions of euros from a Saudi-linked offshore fund, The Guardian reported.

King Felipe said in March that he would cut off his father’s financial stipend and would not accept any personal inheritance from him. In June, the Spanish Supreme Court announced an investigation into Juan Carlos’s connection to a Spanish contract to build high-speed rail between Medina and Mecca.