Long Island couple charged with 'persistently' harassing Black neighbor
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A Long Island couple was charged this week over allegations of “persistently” harassing their Black neighbor, throwing dog feces, shooting a pellet gun across her yard and more.

John McEneaney was charged with criminal mischief and harassment, and Mindy Canarick was charged with criminal tampering, according to the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. All of the charges are misdemeanors.

McEneaney faces up to one year in jail, and Canarick faces a maximum of three months in jail.


The office said the couple caused their neighbor, Jennifer McLeggan, “to live in fear for years.” McLeggan is a registered nurse and the mother of a two-year-old child. 

The woman went viral last month after hanging a note from her door laying out a slate of allegations against her neighbors, who are white. The note accused her neighbors of “racially harassing” her, throwing human feces on her lawn, “planting dead squirrels” on her property and telling her “to go back to where I came from.”

She also accused them of having friends spit on her property and wrote that “a blow torch was taken to my home at 3 a.m.,” in addition to individuals walking “around in the back with guns.”

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said in the Monday statement “The sign on Jennifer McLeggan’s door broke my heart and rallied a community to her aid. It also moved my office to investigate this matter because nobody should have to live in fear of harassment from their neighbors.” 

Singas said McLeggan moved into the home while pregnant in April 2017 “and immediately began to be harassed.” McEneaney allegedly shot pellet guns repeatedly across her lawn over multiple years, and she feared that she or her young daughter could be hit.

McLeggan won a judgment in small claims court against Canarick in 2019 for the amount of $5,036.24, according to NBC News.

McEneaney and Canarick were arranged before a judge Monday. When leaving court,McEneaney said they were the victims in the situation, NBC New York reported.

McLeggan shared on social media Tuesday: “From the bottom of my little heart, I want to thank Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas for arresting my tormentors. Thank you for hearing my prayers.”

She also thanked attorney Benjamin Crump, who has represented the family of Trayvon Martin. He is currently representing the family of George Floyd.