Giants-Mariners game postponed due to air quality from wildfires
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The San Francisco Giants and Seattle Mariners postponed a two-game series scheduled to begin in Seattle on Tuesday due to air quality in the region as a result of wildfires.

A statement from the Mariners confirmed that the two games would be played in the coming days in San Francisco, though times have yet to be announced.

"Unfortunately, the air quality in Seattle has gotten worse overnight here at T-Mobile Park," said the Mariners, adding: "To assure the games could be played, the best solution was to re-locate to the Bay Area."


Wildfires are  burning across several western U.S. states including California, Oregon and Washington, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes and resulting in numerous deaths. Images taken from orbit show smoke blanketing the West Coast, while air quality maps currently show the region as the area with some of the worst air quality on Earth.

More than 620,000 acres have burned in Washington state alone, as firefighters are battling dozens of fires across the state and neighboring Oregon.