102-year-old woman votes wearing PPE: 'Nobody should have an excuse'
© Greg Nash

Despite being in a high-risk group, 102-year-old Bea Lumpkin of Chicago cast her mail-in ballot while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), saying that if she can vote, everyone can and should.

Lumpkin, a retired teacher, told ABC's "Good Morning America this week, "I think that in this election more than any other that I’ve taken part in, the only way we can answer it is for the people to come out and vote and stay active to a degree we've never seen before."

"Nobody should have an excuse" for not voting, said Lumpkin, who has voted consistently since 1940. 

The mother of four, grandmother to three and great-grandmother to one said she believes this election is particularly important because of the impact it will have on future generations.
"I have a lot of confidence in the young people," she told ABC.
Chicago began accepting mail-in ballots Sept. 24.