Scotsman jailed for violating coronavirus restrictions after riding Jet Ski to see girlfriend on Isle of Man
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A Scottish man was jailed after traveling by Jet Ski to the Isle of Man to see his girlfriend, violating COVID-19 restrictions.

Dale McLaughlan traveled from the southwestern coast of Scotland on Friday to his girlfriend’s home on the Isle of Man, which is located between England and Ireland. McLaughlan told authorities that he had never ridden a Jet Ski before, and, although he initially thought the trip would take approximately 40 minutes, it took more than 4 1/2 hours, according to reports.

After arriving at the Isle of Man, McLaughlan walked 15 miles from the coast to his girlfriend's home in its capital city of Douglas. The couple went to two nightclubs during his visit, according to the BBC.


He was arrested Sunday by authorities on the Isle of Man and charged with one count of violating COVID-19 restrictions.

McLaughlan was sentenced Monday to four weeks in jail.

The Isle of Man is closed to all nonresidents amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, except for those who have permission from officials. McLaughlan reportedly did not declare his arrival on the island or self-isolate.

“This individual was aware of the law and showed a flagrant disregard when they chose to break it, mixing in the community and potentially putting lives at risk,” Howard Quayle, the chief minister of the Isle of Man, said in a Tuesday statement.

There are currently four active cases of COVID-19 on the island.