A New York resident has filed a class-action lawsuit against King’s Hawaiian for not actually making its rolls in Hawaii.

Robert Galinsky claims that he was misled into buying the rolls, Hawaii News Now reports.

He notes that the back of the label indicates the product is made in California, but the front of the packaging features “Hilo, Hawaii,” which could make people think the bread was made there.


Kings Hawaiian “is the leading seller of Hawaiian Rolls and essentially invented this category of food,” the suit says according to the news outlet. He notes that King’s Hawaiian has filed several legal challenges to prevent marketing of “Hawaiian Rolls."

The Hill has reached out to King’s Hawaiian for comment

Kings Hawaiian says on its website that its “mouthwatering tale begins in the 1950’s” in Hilo, where Robert Taira opened the bakeshop Robert’s Bakery.

In 1977, a 24,000 square foot bakery was built in Torrance, Calif., where Taira “bestowed this new venture with the name we all know today, King’s Hawaiian Bakery.”

Kings Hawaiian is not the only company to face suits like Galinsky’s. Hawaiian Host Candies faced a similar lawsuit earlier this year because its products are produced in California, the Washington Examiner notes.