Creighton suspends basketball coach following plantation comments
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Creighton University has suspended men’s basketball coach Greg McDermott following comments he made during a team huddle that involved an analogy about plantations.

Creighton made the announcement in a statement posted to its Twitter account on Thursday evening. The school appointed assistant coach Al Huss to serve as interim head coach.

“After our Creighton men’s basketball team returned to Omaha earlier today, Fr. [Daniel] Hendrickson and I engaged with other senior leaders in dialogue and discussions regarding appropriate sanctions for the remarks made by Head Men’s Basketball Coach Greg McDermott that were not in alignment with Creighton’s commitment to racial equality, diversity and respect,” the statement said.


“Coach McDermott and the team have accepted that, effective, immediately, he is suspended from all team activities, including Saturday’s home season finale against Butler,” the statement said. “Further sanctions remain under consideration, not all of which will be shared publicly.” 

McDermott apologized on Tuesday after a pep talk he gave the team following a loss against Xavier over the weekend. 

During the speech, McDermott said, “Guys, we got to stick together. We need both feet in. I need everybody to stay on the plantation,” adding, "I can’t have anybody leave the plantation.”

In his apology, McDermott said he made a “terribly inappropriate analogy,” adding that it “is not indicative of who I am.”

In response to Thursday’s statement, McDermott tweeted, “I made a mistake and I own it. Mistakes come with consequences, and I accept and agree with the suspension.”