The daughter of the firefighter who was killed in the Agua Dulce, Calif., shooting graduated from high school on Thursday wearing her father’s firefighting jacket.

Joslyn Carlon, the daughter of the late Los Angeles firefighter Tory Carlon, graduated from Saugus High School surrounded by hundreds of firefighters with her dad’s close friend at her arm, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

Carlon was killed on Tuesday by a fellow firefighter who later killed himself by setting his house ablaze.


Hundreds of firefighters from around the state came to support Carlon’s daughter, standing at attention when the family arrived.

Police believe Carlon, who is survived by three daughters, and Jonathan Tatone had “some workplace beef.”

“I never thought that when our firefighters face danger, that they would face danger in one of our community fire stations,” Fire Chief Daryl Osby said after the shooting.

A handgun was found at the house Tatone set on fire and is believed to be the one used during the shooting.