NBA to begin 2021-2022 season on time in October

The NBA sent a memo out Thursday stating the 2021 to 2022 season will begin on time in October. 

The memo obtained by The Associated Press tells teams the NBA will return to a normal season schedule after a hectic last season due to the coronavirus.

The season will begin on October 19 and likely end on April 10, according to AP. The NBA is still not officially decided on resuming in-play tournaments 


The NBA, like most other sports leagues, had to grapple with schedule changes, tournaments being canceled and teams needing to cancel games due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The current NBA season could possibly go to mid-July with training camps for next season beginning on September 28.

The finalists in the sports league could see only a 68-day break between the end of the 2020 to 2021 season and the training camps for next season, AP noted. 

The NBA took its COVID-19 rules seriously last season and even fined one player $50,000 for breaking them. 

The memo stated the playoffs for next season would begin in 2022 on April 16 and the 2022 NBA draft would happen on June 23, according to AP.