Elderly Maryland woman scammed out of nearly $2M
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An elderly woman was scammed out of almost $2 million by a person she trusted with the finances of her estate.

Helen Nutt hired Jonathan Robbins when she was 88 years old to handle her accounts and estate over a six-year period but ended up losing $1.8 million, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said, according to Fox 5

Robbins was taken into custody on Friday after he was found guilty of two counts of misappropriation by a fiduciary, two counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult and two counts of theft.


Robbins used the money he stole for a variety of things, including moving to a mansion in Potomac, according to the local outlet. 

Nutt died a couple of years ago, but McCarthy said her story should be used to warn people in the future.

"Try to make sure there’s some kind of a balance, a check and balance in the way your estates are set up. There was no check or balance here," McCarthy said.

Robbins will be sentenced in a few weeks but could face up to 45 years in prison for his crimes.