Florida reverses decision, allows city to decorate bridge for Pride Month
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Florida has reversed its decision and will now allow a city to decorate its bridge for Pride Month. 

Sarasota Mayor Hagen Brody told NBC News that the Florida Department of Transportation has approved the city’s request to light up the John Ringling Causeway Bridge in rainbow lights in honor of Pride Month after originally denying the request.

“Today we received word from our FDOT District Secretary, following a meeting of the Secretary’s statewide, that they have reconsidered our denial to light the Ringling Causeway Bridge in recognition of Pride Month,” Brody told the city clerk, Shayla Griggs, on Wednesday, according to the outlet.


“As a result, our FDOT is reversing that decision and affirming our request as a matter of ‘broad community interest,’ ” the mayor added.

The FDOT said it originally denied the request for the rainbow lights due to a technical issue. 

The department says the city needs to pass a formal resolution for the lights before they are allowed up, which the mayor says is expected to happen Monday.

“Upon passing such resolution the bridge will be lit for the final week of the month, including June 28th known as Pride Day in commemoration of the incidents resulted in the LGBTQ human rights movement,” the mayor said, NBC News reported.

Another city in Florida was recently denied using rainbow lights on its bridge as well, with the FDOT also reversing the decision in that situation.