A woman delivered her baby Friday after she was shot in a road rage incident in Dallas, Texas. 

The pregnant woman sustained injuries after a male driver shot at the car the her boyfriend was driving, the Dallas police department said in a statement to The Hill.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she had her baby, who is doing well, according to police.


The woman is still in critical condition as of Saturday.

The name of the victim has not been released and the suspected shooter has not been detained by law enforcement. 

"We cannot police ourselves out of road rage, that is an individual who is choosing to use violence just because of internal anger, because somebody cut them off, or they did something that they took as an insult on a roadway," Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata said, NBC DFW reported.

The city has recently experienced more road incidents, according to the outlet. 

"We're seeing this more and more and more and that's where society's got to look in the mirror and they've got to fix themselves,” he added.

An analysis by Everytown for Gun Safety showed someone is killed or injured by a gun during a road rage incident every 18 hours.