Arsenal pulls out of Florida Cup after positive COVID-19 tests
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Arsenal announced on Wednesday the Premier League team would miss the Florida Cup due to some members of the group traveling to the United States testing positive for the coronavirus. 

The team said a few members of the traveling party tested positive for the virus before the team was set to leave for Florida on Thursday, The Associated Press reported. The statement didn’t say how many people tested positive or if it was any of the players.

“We fully understand what a disappointment this is for our supporters in America who were looking forward to seeing us compete in the Florida Cup as part of our pre-season build up,” the team said in its announcement. “Our apologies also go to the organizers of the Florida Cup who had done a fantastic job making the preparations and our partners who had arranged events around our participation in the competition.”


“We are glad to say the members of staff are not currently displaying any COVID symptoms. They are now in self-isolation at home,” the statement continued. “We hope everyone understands this difficult situation which is beyond anyone’s control.”

Arsenal’s first game in Orlando was set to take place Sunday against Inter Milan.

“We are disappointed that Arsenal have decided not to participate in the 2021 Florida Cup,” the tournament said about the news, according to the AP. “We wish the members of the Arsenal traveling party who tested positive for COVID-19 a speedy recovery as we continue making final preparations for the event.”

Many athletes and teams have had to pull out of sports games across the world during the pandemic due to coronavirus cases.

The Olympics have seen dozens of staff and athletes have to pull out of the games as they are testing positive for the virus only days before the tournament begins.