Penn State suspends 117 students for missing required coronavirus tests
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Penn State University placed 117 students on interim suspension for missing required weekly coronavirus tests.

In a statement released Tuesday, the university said it has notified students at its University Park campus who have missed three weeks of mandatory testing that they are out of compliance with university policy and are on interim suspension. 

Students on interim suspension cannot participated in any classes — in person or remotely — and are not allowed on university property. On-campus students who are on suspension are also temporarily removed from their residence hall assignments.


Penn State has not explicitly mandated that students and faculty be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

However, in a statement last month, the school said it would mandate weekly testing for those who have not shared their vaccination status beginning Aug. 23.

The school said Tuesday that it has sent weekly emails to students who have not shared their vaccination status telling them to compete the testing. Students who missed two weeks of testing were temporarily barred from registering for future courses. 

The school also said it called every student who missed three tests to assist with issues.

Students who are on suspension can request for it to be rescinded after uploading proof of vaccination or completing a COVID-19 test on campus, the school said.

According to Penn State’s coronavirus dashboard, 80 percent of students across all of its campuses are fully vaccinated, as well as 81 percent of employees. Roughly 86 percent of students at the University Park campus are fully vaccinated, and 80 percent of staff.